Cecilia’s blog

Cecilia BottecchiaOne year has passed since I first moved to Eindhoven, to start my Ph.D. in the group of Dr. Timothy Noël.  One year is maybe a good timeframe to try to do an analysis of this new life…

How’s the work? Highly demanding but rewarding, just like a Ph.D. should be! Moving the first steps in the world of scientific publications wasn’t easy, but the excitement of receiving the first positive comments from a reviewer makes the effort all worth.

How’s the Boss? Timothy for sure represents the most driven person I have ever met, and the determination and enthusiasm he shows in his job is contagious for all of us in the group. Thankfully, he also has a human side, which makes it easier for us to deal with his high standards!

What about Eindhoven?  Definitely not my favorite place on earth, its grey buildings and the almost constant pouring rain make it really hard for me to call this place “Home”. But there’s always a silver lining: cycling all around town is super easy, and the nightlife in Stratum sometimes is just what you need at the end of a tough week…

How are the colleagues? Well, it’s nice to say that I consider good friends most of my colleagues, and working with them is always a pleasure!

TU/e and EU flagsThe cherry on the pie? The project I work on is part of the Marie Curie Photo4Future ITN (Innovative training network), which means that every six months all the students and professors involved in the network get to meet  in a different location to update each other on the latest progress. So far, I had such a great time in the first two meetings, and I genuinely appreciated the time spent with the other students in the network.

Therefore, it’s right to say “So far, so good’!