Topics in Organometallic Chemistry – Organometallic Flow Chemistry

Organometallic Flow Chemistry - coverA new book on “Organometallic Flow Chemistry” with Tim as editor has been published in the series “Topics in Organometallic Chemistry” and is available, in hardcover and eBook, on Springer website.

Below, the table of contents:

Beyond Organometallic Flow Chemistry: The Principles Behind

the Use of Continuous-Flow Reactors for Synthesis

Timothy Noël, Yuanhai Su, and Volker Hessel  
Organic Photoredox Chemistry in Flow 43
Matthew B. Plutschack, Camille A. Correia, Peter H. Seeberger,

and Kerry Gilmore

Organometallic-Catalysed Gas–Liquid Reactions in Continuous

Flow Reactors

Paul Watts  
Aerobic Oxidations in Continuous Flow 97
Bartholomäus Pieber and C. Oliver Kappe  
Preparation and Use of Organolithium and Organomagnesium

Species in Flow

Aiichiro Nagaki and Jun-Ichi Yoshida  
Preparation of Nanomaterials in Flow at Supercritical Conditions

from Coordination Complexes

Samuel Marre and Cyril Aymonier  
Enantioselective Organometallic Catalysis in Flow 213
Haruro Ishitani, Yuki Saito, and Shu Kobayashi  
Catalysis in Flow: Why Leaching Matters 249
King Kuok (Mimi) Hii and Klaus Hellgardt