Tim Presented a Commemoration of Prof. Jun-ichi Yoshida’s Work at the Flow Chemistry Europe 2020 in Cambridge

During the Flow Chemistry Europe 2020 (Cambridge), Tim has used his speaker slot to commemorate our colleague and friend Prof. Jun-ichi Yoshida, who passed away on Saturday, September 14, 2019.  He was one of our regional editors at Journal of Flow Chemistry. He also served as the president of the National Institute of Technology Suzuka College and was emeritus professor of Kyoto University. Most of all we will remember Prof. Yoshida for his excellent work in Flow Chemistry. He coined the term “Flash Chemistry” for ultrafast reactions which can be done selectively in microreactors by taking advantage of the fast mixing and the excellent heat control. He also pioneered the so-called “cation pool” method, which allowed to accumulate anodically radical cations at low temperature. These could be subsequently converted in the presence of nucleophiles in a very controlled and reliable fashion.

Generally, one cannot overstate the achievements of Prof. Yoshida in Flow Chemistry. He can rightfully be called one of the pioneers and legends of the field. Many of us, including myself, have found inspiration in his early work and have tried to follow his lead at the outset of our career.

On a personnel level, I always enjoyed talking to Jun-ichi. He was very supportive to young flow chemists. He was very social and loved drinking a good glass of wine or sake.

Prof. Yoshida’s death is a great loss for the scientific community and we will miss him dearly.

The lecture can be downloaded as pdf using the following link: Talk_YoshidaMemorial

Timothy Noël

Flow Chemistry Europe 2020, Cambridge (UK); March 3, 2020